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The competence network KeBU Freiburg (Kompetenzverbund Empirische Bildungs- und Unterrichtsforschung) focuses on Empirical Research in Education and Teaching, and is a collaboration of researchers of the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg and the University of Education of Freiburg. It was founded to converge and to further develop the empirical research in the field of Education and Teaching at both universities. The promotion of young researchers is another major concern of KeBU Freiburg.

The focus of this competence network is on the quality of individual processes of learning and education with the following research priorities:

  • Learning processes in educational institutions: domain specific and interdisciplinary learning, individual processes of learning in kindergarten, school and higher education, development of domain specific competencies and general conceptions of education and learning (e.g. learning strategies, epistemological beliefs)
  • Individual educational pathways: educational transitions und biographies (e.g. from kindergarten to elementary school or from university to professional life)
  • Professionalization of actors in the education system: “Training of Trainers” in educational institutions (e.g. competencies of teaching professions), economic aspects of personnel policy in the field of education.

Current Projects