There are different perspectives. We research collaboratively.

In our network, researchers who are experts both in subject-matter teaching and learning research and the natural, cultural or social sciences, the arts or physical education, meet on equal terms with researchers who are experts in educational science, psychology or sociology.


Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Alexander Renkl (KeBU speaker)

  • Cognitive learning processes
  • Example-based learning

  • learning by reflective writing

Prof. Dr. Timo Leuders (KeBU speaker)

  • Meaningful mathematics learning

  • Modelling mathematical competences

  • Subject-related competence acquisition in teacher education

Prof. Dr. Matthias Nückles (Co-speaker)

  • Expert-lay-communication and tutoring

  • Self-regulated learning through writing

  • Cognitive learning strategies and learning processes

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Prof. Dr. Katharina Loibl (Co-Speaker)

  • Instructional models and cognitive learning processes

  • learning from errors
  • Diagnostic competence


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Dr. Michael Wiedmann

Prorectorate Research

University of Education Freiburg

University of Education Freiburg
Prorectorate Research
Kunzenweg 21
79117 Freiburg
E-mail: michael.wiedmann[atnospam]

KeBU members

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Uwe Bittlingmayer

  • Educational research on inequality

  • Functional illiteracy
  • Development and evaluation of extracurricular skills development programs
Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Thomas Martin Buck

  • Epoch-specific historical learning

  • Middle Ages and Modernity (Medieval Didactics)

  • Text and Edition Studies

Picture Alexander Renkl
  • Professionalization of mathematics teachers

  • Teacher noticing

  • Instructional quality (particularly cultural and content-specific aspects)

Picture Alexander Renkl
  • Education and social inequalities

  • spatial education research

  • Geography of knowledge

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Bettina Fritzsche

  • Reconstructive and comparative educational research

  • Ethnography and videography of pedagogical practices

  • Heterogeneity and inequality

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Petra Gretsch

  • Visualizations of language and linguistic structures

  • Development of conceptual/medial writing

  • (Multi-) language education in day care facilities and schools

Picture Alexander Renkl
  • Meaningful mathematics learning

  • Cognitive activation in mathematics education
  • Learning strategy use in writing

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Susanne Koerber

  • Scientific thinking

  • Social Cognition and Theory of Mind

  • Curiosity

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Andreas Köpfer

  • International comparative perspectives on Inclusive Education

  • Disabilities and disadvantages in educational organizations.

  • Reconstructive and participatory inclusion research.

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Kotthoff

  • Educational system comparisons

  • Effectiveness studies on the implementation of “new” steering instruments in the education system

  • European education policy

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Josef Künsting

  • Self-regulated learning and instructional support

  • Motivational-affective characteristics and teaching-learning processes

  • Classroom research / Teacher research

Picture Alexander Renkl
  • Mathematical modelling and real-world connections in mathematics education

  • Epistomological beliefs of teachers and students

  • International cooperation in teacher professionalization

Picture Alexander Renkl
  • Quality development and professionalization of teachers

  • Modelling of competences in the field of physical working methods

  • Physics education research

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Christoph Mischo

  • Early childhood education professionalization research

  • Subjective theories of teachers

  • Classroom research

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Josef Nerb

  • Social, cognitive, emotional and motivational processes of learning and teaching

  • Competence diagnostics in the field of natural sciences

  • Education for sustainable development

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Rolf Plötzner

  • Learning Strategies

  • Learning with animations

  • Self-regulated learning with multimedia

Picture Alexander Renkl
  • Digital technologies in mathematics education

  • Student cognition and student errors

  • Process data and logfile data analyses

Picture Alexander Renkl
  • Education for sustainable development

  • Supporting the development of systemic thinking

  • Biology education research

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Rollett

  • School development processes / all-day school research

  • Cognitive and motivational modelling of learning processes

  • Effort avoidance motivation

Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Katja Scharenberg

  • Inclusion and heterogeneity

  • Educational pathways and transitions

  • Differential learning and development millieus in the school context
Picture Alexander Renkl

Prof. Dr. Albert Scherr

  • Qualitative educational research

  • Social inequality and discrimination in school and out-of-school education

  • Social work as an educational actor

Picture Alexander Renkl
  • Teacher professionalization
  • evidence-based practice in school and teacher education

Picture Alexander Renkl
  • Competence modelling and competence assessment

  • Development and validation of IRT-based assessment methods

  • Application of statistical and psychometric models in evaluation studies

Picture Alexander Renkl
  • Mathematical thinking of students

  • Individualized learning in mathematics lessons

  • Early mathematical education

Picture Alexander Renkl
  • Metacomprehension

  • Effectiveness of 1-on-1 tutoring

  • Science Communication

  • Learning and autism