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Graduate School

Interdisciplinary Graduate School "VisDeM" at Freiburg University of Education:

Visualization in the German and the mathematics classroom (VisDeM) is an interdisciplinary graduate school which aims at finding answers to the overarching question as to how learning processes regarding abstract concepts can be fostered by means of subject-specific multimodal representations. This graduate school comprises of two phases and is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg.

While the first funding phase of VisDeM dealt with the learner perspective in the different disciplines and the development of an overarching competence model regarding visualization, the second funding phase focuses mainly on the learning process in the classroom situation and aims at testing results from the first phase in the field in order to make them useful for the classroom. To this end, several factors play an important role: first of all, the kind of visualization is central (adequate with respect to the content, appropriate reduction); second, the function of the visualization in the learning process is crucial (visualization as a learning topic, as a learning aid, or as a strategy); und third, the embedding within the multimodal learning scenario is also essential (which combinations and conversions of representations are supporting or hindering learning).

In each funding phase 12 part projects are carried out by six scholarship holders and six seconded teachers. An assistant professor is dealing with overarching research questions. The subject-specific research projects are supported scientifically and methodologically by the pedagogical psychology. In addition, further research questions are addressed from the perspectives of educational science and arts.

Heads of the second funding phase are Prof. Dr. Petra Gretsch (German Education), Prof. Dr. Lars Holzäpfel (Mathematics Education), and Prof. Dr. Josef Nerb (Psychology).

Link to the Project Descriptions.

Link to the Project Descriptions (2013-2016)

Zu den Teilprojekten der zweiten Förderphase (2016-2019)